Woodland Christian School was established as a ministry as a ministry of First Baptist Church of Woodland which has since changed its name to Life Pointe Church. In 1998, they began the building of its new campus on a 43-acre parcel in southeast Woodland. This campus provided the space for further expansion, including the addition of a High School. Woodland Christian High School (WCHS) was founded in September of 1999 and included the enrollment of 9th and 10th graders. WCHS moved to the new Matmor campus in the fall of 2000. The 11th grade was added for the academic year 2000-2001 and the 12th grade in 2001-2002.

In 2009, with the welfare of both the church and school in mind, the board of Life Pointe Church decided to separate the ministries of church and school so that both ministries could thrive. July 1, 2009 was the official separation and a school board was selected to oversee Woodland Christian Schools. In 2015, the elementary campus moved to its new location on the Matmor campus.

Mission Statement

Woodland Christian School exists by God’s grace and for His glory to educate and prepare students for college and Christian life. By faith in Christ, our students, parents, and staff can change the world.

Philosophy of Education

The educational process in a Christian school is dependent on a biblical philosophy that provides the correct world view and essential truths for life so that children may be prepared to assume their proper place in the home, the church, and the community. Accordingly, the following is the Philosophy of Education for Woodland Christian School:

We will provide a safe and loving environment for students to learn. We will seek excellence in all that we do. We will work with parents to prepare and equip their student for college and to live as a light in this dark world.

With Christ as our example, students will learn the power of serving others. In humility,
we will look not only to our own interests, but to the interests of others.

Students and staff will strive to live like Christ and be a light at home, at school and in the community. Whether in school or out, students will respect those in authority, be known by the fruit of the spirit, be responsible, respectful and motivated to excel in all they do. We expect students and staff to be humble in all they do.

Students will receive Biblical training to help them grow in their knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, students and families will come to know Jesus Christ as their savior and will communicate God’s love to those they come in contact with.


Our educational programs and philosophy will encourage students to become:

-Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ
-Understand the unique message and truth-claims of Christianity
-Attempt to demonstrate the Christian faith in their lifestyle
-Communicate the message of Christ to the world

- Convey ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively through oral, written, and artistic expression
- Receive and interpret messages of others in an effective manner
- Demonstrate an ability to use technology as a communication device

- Analyze and synthesize new data or ideas into logical conclusions
- Interpret and evaluate new concepts, integrating them into their existing world view

- Value the importance of quality and creative work
- Create products which demonstrate good planning and hard work, according to given instructions or standards

- Understand the impact that one servant can have in his or her community and world
- Recognize the value of each individual to God, school, community, and the world
- Contribute time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life for their school, local church, communities, nation, and world






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