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"....Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God" (Mark10:14)


cg Cathy Geiser, Elementary Vice Principal

Our goal at Woodland Christian School is to prepare our students for Christian life. We are also preparing them for college. Amazingly, this begins in Kindergarten. Basic fundamentals of reading writing and arithmetic are emphasized in those first three years. We strive to have all our Kindergartener's reading at the first grade level at the end of their kindergarten year. Spelling their name, writing their first sentences and forming their own story is all a part of the kindergarten year. In first and second grade their skills in all three area's are developed to a level of proficiency that exceeds what is expected at that age. One of the ways we accomplish this, is through small class sizes. On average, class sizes for our K-2 grades is 16. Our goal is to keep the maximum at 22.

As our students develop their 3 R's, they are also developing as citizens of our community. They learn social skills, team skills and build a camaraderie among their peers. The remainder of their elementary education involves some exciting, hands-on learning. Third grade introduces them to commerce and what it takes to prosper in a town - 'Cardinal City' that is. Each year our third graders 'build' their town and see just what it takes to make a town prosper. In fourth grade, they begin learning the history of this great state, California. They 'go back in time' to the mid 1800's and discover just where it all started for California. In fifth grade, they learn all about our great nation, which culminates in a cross county field trip to our nations capital. By the end of the fifth grade, our young girls and boys are starting to take on more personal responsibility and preparing for middle school. The elementary years are so important to the development of our students and we work hard to foster as much personal attention on each student. We keep our class sizes small to facilitate that personal attention. Our average class size for 3rd through 5th is 23. Our goal is to keep the maximum at 26.

Classroom Links

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Kindergarten (Mrs. Rosen)
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First Grade (Mrs Shamberger)
First Grade (Mrs Toland)
Second Grade (Mrs. Heskett)
Second Grade (Miss Taylor)
Third Grade (Mrs. Geer)
Third Grade (Mrs. Pascoe)
Fourth Grade (Mrs. Geddert)
Fourth Grade (Mrs. Cederborg)
Fifth Grade(Mrs. Dotta)
Fifth Grade (Mrs. Johns)


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Daily schedule

Regular Day

  Start First Recess Lunch Second Recess Finish
K ( Morning) 0820 0925-0945 --- --- 1130
K-2nd Grade 0820 0925-0945 1130-1150 1150-1220 1450(2:50pm)
3rd - 5th Grade 0820 0950-1010 1200-1220 1220-1245 1450(2:50pm)

Early Release Days (Wednesdays)

  Start First Recess Lunch Second Recess Finish
K (Morning) 0820 0925-0950 ---- ---- 1130
K-2nd Grade 0820 0925-0950 1130-1150 1150-1220 1400(2:00pm)
3rd - 5th Grade 0820 0955-1015 1200-1220 1220-1245 1400(2:00pm)

Minimum Days

  Start First Recess Finish
K (Morning) 0820 0925-0945 1130
K - 2nd Grade 0820 0925-0945 Noon
3rd - 5th Grade 0820 0950-1010 Noon



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